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Experience and Skills

Hi, I'm Justin Teerlinck. My experience as a clinician, manager, consultant, and creative program developer has been honed in many diverse mental health and medical settings. I founded and ran the occupational therapy department at Western State Hospital, mentored and supervised therapists, and engaged communities through participatory storytelling. For a  comprehensive CV, please click the following link to my LinkenIn profile. For a list of all the applicable settings I have worked in and populations I've worked with, click here.

Philosophy of Service

To cope is to survive but to dream is to live. Are you living your life the way you want to, or are you just getting by?  Growth, wellness, balance and connection with others are necessary to living a good life.  

I help people and organizations create wellness through meaningful activity. My programs and projects strengthen communities by creating hope, humor and joy.

My ultimate purpose is to help you pursue a life of meaning, fulfillment and wellness.