Support for People and Organizations

As human beings, all that we are is embedded in what we do. As a community mental health occupational therapist, I use activities not just to help people heal from illness, but also to foster wellness. But an occupational therapist does more than simply suggest activities.

We need more than food, water and the absence of illness to thrive. To be truly healthy, we need rest and sleep, meaningful work, a sense of purpose, play and fun. When something is out of balance, You know it. You feel it. To regain that sense of wholeness--for yourself or your organization--you need someone who is trained to see how the different areas of your life connect.

My programs have given hope to people who were institutionalized for decades, inspired children and adults who needed a smile, and helped people connect with their hidden strengths. My leadership has guided institutions, caregivers, families and staff connect with each other more effectively, compassionately, and empathetically.

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Are you struggling to engage, inspire or connect?

I can help you with the following issues and more:

  • disengagement between organization members, family, customers or yourself

  • low attendance, turnout or return

  • Feeling undervalued or unsatisfied in current occupational role

I will help by:

  • Suggesting and leading meaningful group activities that bring people together

  • Empathetic consultation, assessment and partnership-based problem solving for improving morale

  • Training and mentoring staff on how to lead groups, effective communication and interpersonal dynamics